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Trinity Church will be closing permanently in June 2022.  Between now and then several special events are planned.  Please keep watching this page for a list of events that will be taking place. 

A link to our services on YouTube can be reached on our Home page.



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Closing Service

June 12, 2022 at 3 pm

The congregation of Trinity United Church welcomes everyone to join us for our final service on Sunday, June 12 beginning at 3 p.m.

Upcoming Events through ECORC

Ralph Milton: Well Aged: Making the Most of Your Platinum Years
(originally made at Trinity’s “Revitalize Your Winter” event, January 2022)

This winter, United Church author and radio and TV personality from B.C., Dr. Ralph Milton, led Trinity people in a discussion about aging well, the topic of his recent book.

A few quotations to give you a flavour:
“…old age is not a disease. It is not a virus circling the earth waiting to pounce on anyone over eighty. It’s a tough time to live through, but also a time of opportunity and joy.”
“Old age is a foreign country, a whole new realm.”
“…real old age…is an important and often very beautiful time of life.”

 Trinity thanks him for permission to share his wisdom in this way.