Vision and Mission


With the help of the empowering presence of The Common Spirit: we seek to:

  1. Promote the continuance of the rich heritage of worship through word and music by:
    1. growing into an ever deepening faith based community
    2. striving to achieve a balance between:
      • an inwardly focused love of ourselves and each other, 

      • and outwardly focused love, care and support of our immediate community and the world at large.
  2. Journey in faith as people of every age, gender, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, mental and physical ability, family status, economical and cultural  background acting together as full participants in the life, membership and leadership of Trinity United Church.

Within the Peterborough broader church community, we:

  1. Offer our support to other United Church faith communities in Peterborough who are focusing on adult/youth programming and education or community outreach, endeavouring thereby to turn our faith into action.
  2. Create, promote and support opportunities for the United Church communities in the city and Shining Waters Presbytery to come together and experience the Holy; moving toward centres of worship, education, outreach and child/youth programs.
  3. Encourage and support all to be on a journey for greater justice and compassion for all upon Earth.


Our mission is to organize in order to develop:

  1. A continued strong pastoral care and visitation program for our aging congregation.
  2. A balanced and relevant worship experience that inspires us to live out our lives faithfully.
  3. A reputation in the community for challenging and enquiring theological thinking together with an exceptional and varied worship experience that strengthens our faith through music and word.
  4. An open door welcoming people of all ages, backgrounds, social situations, sexual orientations and gender identities.

And to develop:            

  1. Our leadership role in the United Church community in Peterborough by providing opportunities for education through speakers, workshops, discussion groups etc.
  2. Our facilities for multi-faith use, in an effort to share faith experience through theological dialogue and shared music experiences.

We will do this by:

  1. Sustaining ourselves financially and spiritually. 
  2. Encouraging strong active support from the congregation/members.
  3. Providing the resources needed (audio, video etc.) to support our planned growth in adult education, such as faith exploration workshops and related musical programs.
  4. Welcoming representatives of other faith communities to assist in the development of adult education and worship experiences.
  5. Enhancing our building to support our education, music programs and needs of other faith communities.
  6. Welcoming partnerships with congregations from other faith communities to use our facilities for separate or joint worship and study.
  7. Continued exploration of opportunities for expanding our outreach programs.
  8. Supporting the full participation of people of all sexual orientations and gender identities in the life and work of Trinity United Church.